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Our Banquet Halls are as big as the Indian heart and our warmth as old as the Indian tradition. Our core spans two worlds—modern as well as ancient, for it is owned by a global Indian who has blended the best of both the worlds to create sparkling magic within its premises. All for you.

We invite you to Citrus Heights to experience the best in Indian hospitality at White Lotus Banquets—your dream Celebration Destination. But why sample only this? Enjoy each one of our 2 event venues at Citrus Heights and Sacramento. We own and run these top properties for your pleasure as our premier chain.

Whatever be your special occasion—wedding, corporate event, get-together, exhibition, trade fair, we welcome you with open arms. And to make your memories last a life-time, we will lace them with our famed Indian vibrancy, rich colors and food-to-die-for.

Come, have a look at our facilities—our lavish banquet halls and sparkling wedding venues. Soak in the atmosphere and command us to fulfill your heart’s desire. We are eager to serve you.

Find out what thousands of loyal, returning guests have found irresistible here for the last 30 years.

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Corporate Events

When minds have to be triggered to think fast, to make crucial decisions and absorb the latest information in the field, our Banquet Halls are the place to be in. When teams have to feel bonded, challenged out of their limitations and excited to take on the future, our Banquet Halls are the place to be in.

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Weddings and Anniversaries

So it’s your special day? Allow us to make it super special for you. We offer you our graceful, classy, spacious Banquet Halls with their soft and elegant décor. Just step in and leave your worries outside our doors. Our experienced professionals will walk you through all you need for the occasion and everything we have to offer.

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TOP Wedding Venues & Banquet Halls in Citrus Heights, California

Who We Are:

Passionate about providing the best in interior decoration, the best in delicious cuisine and the best in customer service, we group of professionals have been running these top class Banquet Halls with immense success.

Over a period of 30 years, we have added and catered to loyal clients who have become our treasured guests. To add delight to our service, we source top grade charcoal-grilled, tandoori delicacies straight out of our restaurant chain Indian Ovens which have been lauded for their unique flavors in the food industry.

Passion, class, expertise and professionalism come together to create an unforgettable experience for you.

Come, give us a chance to serve you…

Why Choose Us?

We can give you a hundred reasons, but let us list out just a few

  • • Because we are centrally located
  • • Because our facilities are top class
  • • Because we work around your budget

Because We Care…

And if this were not enough, let us tell you that we serve lip-smacking, delicious food straight out of our famous kitchens—the very popular Indian Oven chain, which we own. So whatever your special occasion, we custom design our food to your taste—Spicy? Non-spicy? Succulent? Rare? Low Cal and Healthy?

The only thing that remains constant is the taste—delicious and fragrant.
We promise that the memories you create here will remain as flavorful as the delicacies you partake of.
So when can we block your date?